Breaking into Blocs!

Break in!

Do you want to be part of a discussion within a bloc ? Do you want to dominate the crowd and be an outstanding leader at all your conferences? Then fear not, because we are here to give you some tips and tricks to be able to fit into the big crowds at big conferences and make that conference yours. 

Master Yourself

You cannot dominate other people when you don't even know what you are talking about. Research your country and topic extensively, to the point where you don't even have to bring extra materials for assistance. If you are a small country, know your country but focus more on the topic itself; study what other countries have to say about it and list some of the countries that might be on your side or have similar opinions. If you got a big country, know the topic and country to the point that you could be an actual country representative. When you get a big country, you are getting a head start because everyone will be interested in you. However, if you seem to not know what you are talking about, people will loose interest. 

Prepare Before-Hand

Preparing beforehand can give you a head start on everything; especially if you prepare possible resolution points. This way you can convince other people into joining your resolution, which seems more reliable than people that don't have anything prepared. Prepare your opening speech beforehand. If you are a great speaker, you might not need this step but a previously well crafted opening speech will be a great attention grabber. 

Practice Your Speaking Skills

MUN conferences are all about talking, discussing, and persuading. If you don't speak or try to do so at a conference, it will be hard to fit in. Speaking is everything when it comes to dominating big crowds. You can now combine all the previous points into speech. Combine the knowledge you have about the topic with the resolution points you prepared. Your eloquent speaking skills will do its magic and attract other people to your group. The key is to use persuasive language to convey your opinions, while trying to listen to others. If you are a good speaker, but too aggressive on the opinions, some of the people around you might run away. 

Fear Not! Break In!

You are not locked and loaded, ready to go. The skills you need to be part of a group discussion are all there, so don't be afraid. Groups naturally form around important countries like USA, China, Brazil, France and more. If you are one of those countries, find your counterparts and mingle in the bloc. For example, find other countries near you, find countries that are allies to you and find countries that have done other agreements with you. If you have found them all, you already have a bloc to yourself. 

If you are a smaller country, break in. You don't have to dominate the crowd from the start. First, all you have to do is approach the crowd and listen to what they are saying. If some of the items you have in you own resolution match with what they are saying, start by saying things like "I agree" or "yes, that would be good". Let them know you are there, present and ready to discuss. When the time comes, try to add your own opinion and possible solutions to what they are already discussing. Use your eloquent speaking skills that you practiced so hard. 

Never Stay Still

Not doing anything is the worst way to spend your conference time. If you are waiting for your turn on a General Speakers list, pass some notes to the people you want to speak with. Tell them to meet at a specific location in the next unmod. so you you guys can all have a discussion together. Join all the big and small groups at least once, so you know who has what opinion. Move from one place to another and talk to as many people as you can. 

Be Confident

Be confident! Sometimes you might feel like don't have enough experience of speaking skills to dominate the crowd. However, remember that nobody was perfect since the beginning. Practice makes perfect and as you participate in more MUN conferences you will develop your own tips and tricks to dominate the conference. 

But if you are still not sure, and want to practice your public speaking and MUN skills, contact The Global Citizen to practice these basic skills through customized classes. 

Image Source: Pexels