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Drama and Creative Expression

  • Think Critically
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Write Creatively
  • Speak Confidently
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Price indicated is for either Novice or Advanced classes per semester
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Learning and improving their English reading, writing and speaking abilities as a second or even third language can be a challenge for many young children. Using drama as a tool for teaching will allow students to build familiarity and gain confidence in the English Language.

Through a variety of engaging drama-based activities and exercises, students will practice their creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, allowing them to express their ideas in new ways.

This would prepare them for a future that demands mastery of the English Language in a range of academic and professional settings, from the classroom to the boardroom.


Developing confidence in presentations and performances

Build familiarity with voice modulation and pronunciation, body language with gestures and stage skills

Ability to read and understand different forms of written English (e.g. poetry, prose, scripts)

Learning Values

Semester 1

October - January
Semester 2

February - May
Semester 3

June - September

Narratives and Storytelling Voice and Movement Exploration Through Drama

Ages 8  - 10 years old
  • Structure of a narrative
  • Basics of storytelling
  • Understanding characters and feelings
  • Dramatic Readings
  • Movement Basics
  • Voice and Stage Presence
  • Voice lessons
  • Response and Improvisation
  • Articulating Visual Stimuli
  • Role Play
  • Creative Writing
  • Mime
  • Creating and devising
  • Understanding characters and feelings
  • Creative Response and Improvisation

Ages 11 - 14 years old
  • Structure of a narrative
  • Basics of storytelling
  • Understanding Characters and feelings
  • Voice lessons
  • Movement Basics
  • Stage Presence
  • Creative Response and Improvisation
  • Creating and devising
  • Text analysis and dramatizaiton
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Class Timetable

Classes Age Day Time (SG)
(GMT +8.00)
Time (VN)
(GMT +7.00)
Time (IN)
(GMT +7)
Time (PH)
(GMT +8)
Novice Ages 8 - 10 years old Weekly, Saturdays 1200 hrs -
1330 hrs
1100 hrs -
1230 hrs
1100 hrs -
1230 hrs
1200 hrs -
1330 hrs
Advanced Ages 11 - 14 years old Weekly, Saturdays 1000 hrs -
1130 hrs
0900 hrs -
1030 hrs
0900 hrs -
1030 hrs
1000 hrs -
1130 hrs
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October - January Schedule

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3  Week 4
23 October 30 October 6 November 13 November
Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
20 November 27 November 4 December 11 December
Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
18 December 8 January 15 January 22 January
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Regular Class

Join our regular scheduled classes in a virtual classroom format where you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and participate in group work and discussions. All sessions are scheduled and conducted on a weekly basis. 

Private Class

These classes offer you the flexibility to schedule, decide on the pace and size of your group for a more personalized touch. For individuals, pairs or groups, find out about how we can tailor our classes to suit your needs.
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