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Model United Nations

  • Think Critically
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Write Creatively
  • Speak Confidently
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Model United Nations (MUN) is a conference simulation of United Nations organisations. Students take on the role of diplomats representing different member states of the United Nations to debate, negotiate, and resolve contemporary world issues.

MUN conferences are simulated under different Rules of Procedure, such as the United Nations Association USA (UNAUSA) Procedure, and the World Federation of United Nations Associations International MUN (WIMUN) Procedure.

The Global Citizen Academy teaches MUN in the UNAUSA Procedure, the most popular Model UN Procedure in the world, and the WIMUN Procedure, the only UN-endorsed Procedure with limited number of trainers in the world.


Awareness of international Relations issues

Independent research and critical thinking

Confidence in public speaking and negotiations

Learning Values

Semester 1

October - January
Semester 2

February - May
Semester 3

June - September

MUN Fundamentals (Part I)MUN Fundamentals (Part II)MUN Excellence (Part I)
Ages 13 – 16 years old
  • Geopolitics 101 and Research 
  • The Sustainable Development Goals 
  • MUN Rules of Procedure
  • Writing the Best Position Paper
  • MUN Rules of Procedure
  • Public Speaking
  • Debate and Negotiation
  • Developing & Reacting to Arguments
  • Resolutions and Amendments
  • Security Council Simulation
  • Crisis 101
  • MUN Strategy

Class Timetable

Classes Age Day Time (SG)
(GMT +8.00)
Time (VN)
(GMT +7.00)
Time (IN)
(GMT +7)
Time (PH)
(GMT +8)
Skilled Ages 13 - 16 years old Weekly, Saturdays 1600 hrs -
1730 hrs
1500 hrs -
1630 hrs
1500 hrs -
1630 hrs
1600 hrs -

October - January Schedule

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3  Week 4
23 October 30 October 6 November 13 November
Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
20 November 27 November 4 December 11 December
Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
18 December 8 January 15 January 22 January
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Regular Class

Join our regular scheduled classes in a virtual classroom format where you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and participate in group work and discussions. All sessions are scheduled and conducted on a weekly basis. 

Private Class

These classes offer you the flexibility to schedule, decide on the pace and size of your group for a more personalized touch. For individuals, pairs or groups, find out about how we can tailor our classes to suit your needs.