The Global Citizen Vietnam Summer Camp

Executive Summary

Summer is coming, and what better time is there for new experiences? Presenting The Global Citizen Vietnam Summer Camp Series. Join us for 4-weeks of fun-filled activities while learning a new skill which would last you a lifetime! 

In our summer camps, our experienced team will take you through 4-weeks of interactive, experiential learning activities to help you develop your soft skills. Each week will focus on a different skill set with different challenges for you and your groupmates to overcome. The summer camps will consist of lessons, interactive activities and an excursion for you to employ what you learnt. Also, learn how to work collaboratively with others as you and your team prepare for each final showcase. With a different program each week, you will be spoilt for choice! Choose which course resonates with you or sign up for camps to discover new interest!

Also, to encourage you to do your best, we will be offering prizes to the best camper as well as the best group every week. What are you waiting for? Come join us this summer for an exciting time making new friends and learning key 21st century skills. 

As part of The Global Citizen Club, the Vietnam Summer Camp promises to be a unique experience which provides students with an international education. The programs will be ran by an international team with trainers from Singapore and the US specifically flew in to enhance the cultural exposure for you!

Key Objective

The outcome of each programme is dependent on its nature, they are as follows:

7 to 12 Years Old

Summer Camp
  • Understand the fundamental skills behind public speaking
  • Confidently speak in front of a small audience
  • Learn different narrative styles and understand the different components of creative writing
  • Gain an appreciation for mathematics as a tool to develop critical thinking
  • Work together as a group to discover creative methods of solving problems

13 to 15 Years Old

Summer Camp
  • Develop an appreciation for debate and understand the fundamentals behind debating
  • Identify the different styles of debating
  • Gain an understanding of Model United Nations and its different procedures
  • Exposure to drama and other literary elements


Our summer camps will run every Monday to Friday from 18 July 2022 to 12 August 2022. This is a day camp so there will be no need for students to stay overnight, each day’s programs will begin from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Attendees will be provided with lunch everyday as well as a snack during their breaktime.

The camp will be held at the campus of The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (18 Hoàng Quốc Việt, Nghĩa Đô, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội, Vietnam).

Each camp will focus on a different key soft skill which are as followed:


Age 7 to 12
The summer camp will cost VND 8,500,000 per week. This will cover:

Age 13 to 15
The summer camp will cost VND 9,500,000 per week. This will cover:

  1. Camp Programs 
  2. Camp Learning Materials
  3. Excursion Fees
  4. Access to The Global Citizen’s Asynchronous Learning Platform
  5. Camp Souvenirs
  6. Lunch and Snacks

To allow more participation, we are offering a range of promotions* to help offset the cost for motivated students.

Early Bird Promotion

Students who register before 30 June 2022 will receive 10% off their total course fees.

Bundle Promotion

For students who want to expose themselves to more skills, we are offering a bundle discount based on the number of courses you sign up for. The discounts are as seen below:

Number of Weeks Discount
2 10%
3 15%
4 20%
*Discounts are not stackable. Upon registration, we will offer the higher value discount. For example, if a student registers for 4 weeks in a group of 3, they will receive the 20% bundle discount instead of the 10% group sign up discount.

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