Direct School Admission

Since 2004, Singapore’s Ministry of Education introduced the Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme for Primary 6 students to apply to a secondary school based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas. It aims to recognise students with specific domain talents and achievements instead of general academic ability.

DSA Prep by The Global Citizen Academy seeks to support students from the Primary 2 to Primary 6 level with ample preparation to ace their DSA applications. The programme will be a full roadmap to prepare students from as young as 7 years old for their DSA which they will subsequently apply for at age 11. Whether students join at Primary 2 or Primary 5, they will be prepared for the DSA application process as much as time permits.
DSA Prep offers foundation courses and workshops for Drama, Public Speaking and Debate. Students will be prepared for examinations and receive certificates from London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and Trinity College London. Students will have access to performances and activities to build up their talent, experience and portfolio. DSA Prep also offers general workshops to prepare for the DSA application process, such as portfolio preparation, audition videos, and interview skills.


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Under DSA Prep, parents and students can expect:
  • Consultancy services on which programmes are beneficial for students depending on their talents, skills and interests
  • Customisable and personal roadmaps for their time with DSA Prep
  • Foundation workshops on Drama, Public Speaking and Debate
  • Certificates from London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art and Trinity College London
  • Dedicated training from qualified coaches
  • General workshops on Portfolio Preparation, Audition Videos and Interview Skills
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