United Nations, or MUN, is an academic simulation of the actual United Nations. In these model conferences, students take on the role of diplomats, known as “delegates”, representing different countries and engaging in constructive discussion about current world issues.

Our MUN programs are specially designed to create a fun and innovative approach towards learning about international relations and diplomacy. We have also developed partnerships with organizations from across the world to develop conferences in Singapore and Southeast Asia, offering students more variety and choice in model conference programs. Through our programs, students will have an in-depth experience learning about diplomacy and sophisticated political concepts, as well as developing holistic skills needed for the 21st century.

What is Mun Inc all about?

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Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are academic simulations of the United Nations (UN) and other organizations. In a MUN conference, students debate, negotiate, and form solutions to pressing and current global issues in a multi-party setting. They will represent stakeholders and member states of the UN, bringing with them their individual agendas and interests to form a resolution by the UN that is agreeable to the majority. MUN conferences offer students opportunities in academic and professional growth through developing their skills in research, public speaking, and networking.

What students will gain?

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Students will gain a practical expression to political concepts and factual knowledge through a fun and interactive pedagogy of learning at MUN conferences. They are directly involved in decision-making processes that encourage leadership and teach them the value of their actions, while developing cognitive strategies, researching, verbal and writing skills. In some cases, students develop a constructive change in attitude toward problems beyond the scope of the classroom, thereby promoting global citizenry.

Why learn from us?

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Our coaches bring with them over 25 years of combined experience across local and international conferences from Singapore to Seoul and Rome to groom confident, creative and caring young leaders. We believe in a holistic and tailored approach to perfecting the art of debate, diplomacy, research and writing through the Model United Nations framework. We recognize that every student is different and consider their confidence level, relevant experience and proficiency in English which allows them to learn at their own pace, to offer a range of preparatory classes which can be designed to suit the needs of each student or institution.