The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House

At The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House, there will be something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a student or parent. Come and experience our brand while having a fun-filled day as a family and stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes!
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Mock Lessons

We understand that embarking on a journey to learn a new soft skill can be daunting for students. Thus, at The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House, we will be offering mock lessons for different skills taught by The Global Citizen. We believe that by allowing students to try their hands at new skills in a stress-free environment, we help them take the first step in becoming future-ready. At our 45-minute mock lessons, students will be able to experience our pedagogy first-hand and they will be specially trained by the lead trainers of each subject.

Diagnostic Test 

At The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam, we believe that it is important to ensure that students register for courses which match their current caliber. Signing up for a class which is too difficult would cause unnecessary stress on students while conversely, signing up for a class which is too simple would not help them grow. At our Open House, we offer free diagnostic tests to help provide students with a gauge of their current standards. This diagnostic test will encompass different skill sets such as critical thinking, English, and general knowledge. The diagnostic test will take roughly an hour and will consist of 4 sections.

Games Station

As part of our pedagogy, we believe in the importance of experiential learning and the value of fun in education. At our Open House, students will be able to challenge themselves at our game stations where they can test their skills while standing a chance to win attractive prizes!

Consultation with Educational Expert 

Do you have concerns with regards to how you can best support your child’s education? Fret not, at The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House, you will be able to schedule a personalized consultation according to your child’s abilities and interests. Speak to our educational experts who will then recommend the appropriate courses for your child as well as share tips on how, as a parent, you can help your child’s learning.

Expert Talks

As parents, it is important to keep track of trends in education so that you can make the best choice for your child’s learning journey. At The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House, guest speakers from The Global Citizen and our partner organizations will share their expertise in a series of talks lasting over the two days of the open house. Come join us and be in the know of different aspects of education as well as opportunities available to your child.


The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House is a free event for all interested parents or students. The event will be held over the weekend of the 10th August 2022 from 09:30 am to 6:00 pm. To help us better prepare for your visit, we would appreciate it if you could fill up this form to help us understand your needs slightly better.

TGC Product Booths

At The Global Citizen Academy Vietnam Open House, you will be able to explore our product offerings across our various brands. Come learn more about our soft skills courses at The Global Citizen Academy’s booth. Interested in IELTS and English programs? Come find out more at our Prism Language booth. Looking for overseas opportunities for your child? Approach our friendly staff at our Edutravel booth. For the Open House, we will be flying our program developers from Singapore to share more about these unique product offerings with you to help address any questions you might have.

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